Almost There

Still preparing for my departure.  I finally bought my tickets.  I leave for certain on April 13th at 1050.  I have packed and repacked my suitcases about 40 times in the past month.  Each time I open them up to rearrange Cleo jumps in and snuggles in between my clothes.  I think she wants to come with.  I wonder if I just poked holes in the suitcase I could sneak her over the boarder.  Stupid x-ray machines. 

My mom is taking half days this week to spend more time with me.  It has already proved to be interesting.  After spending three hours with her in the afternoon, she proceeded to call me 5+ times within the hour after we parted.  I think I am going to need to get her SEVERAL calling cards. Love you Mom.

Tying up loose ends and spending time with my loved ones.  It is going to be an emotionally interesting next few days. 

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