The Jist of It

Okay, so for some crazy reason I am moving to Australia.  Why?  Not a clue other than I just feel like it.  The problem is, I am the most homesick person in the world.  Really, its true.  What makes me think then, that I can survive on my own in a foreign country for two years?  I don't know, it should be a fun experiment.

 I just left the best job ever, caring for the best population ever, and working with the best people ever.  I sometimes lie in bed at night thinking that I am INSANE for leaving it all. Not to mention I live with my sister, hang with my parents on a weekly basis, and have the most insanely attached kitty in the world.  How will I survive two years without seeing at least one of them. Its a mystery. I wish I could at least bring my baby Cleo, as she has been the best fury companion for three years now. 

One of the reasons that I was attracted to nursing in the first place was the ability to go anywhere and really do anything I want with this profession.  So, I am going to take advantage of it.  I will be working at John Fawkner Private Hospital in Melbourne, Australia doing God knows what. But I am ready for the challenge. I love working with the hem/onc kids at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital more than anything.

 I have met some AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL people and families. I am not sure I can stand giving up my beautiful bald headed kiddos. My biggest fear is to have to travel to the complete other spectrum....adults.  As I actually said in my  job interview in Australia (after they told me I could be caring for people in the 90's),  adults are just like kids, just bigger diapers.  Yup, I said that out loud to an interview board.  Yet the hired me.  I hope Australia is ready for overly honest and unsensored thoughts and severely dry and sarcastic sense of humor.  My ability to be appropriate doesn't exist. 

Anyway.  The basics.  I was supposed to be working in Hobart Australia, living with some close friends.  Thanks to the snail's pace visa reviewing board, I am now going to be living all alone in a city where I know not a soul and have no place to live. Yet I still full heartedly want to do it.  My ability to go with the flow is even amazing me (if you have ever traveled with me you would understand that this is not a common trait I possess). 

I leave the US on Tuesday, April 13th (a full moon, no joke).  I will get to lonely Melbourne Thursday, April 15th.  I then have 11 days to find a place to live before I start my new job.  This should be interesting. 

So, stay tuned for updates and photos.  Hopefully I will find a place that is cozier and warmer than a cardboard box under the freeway.   


I placed the map below to help when I mention places.  This is especially for my family who like a visual idea of where I am speaking of.